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Q: Is this Nick's official site?
A: Yes! Nicholas has given his approval for this site to be called official.

Q: What does "official" mean?
A: It means that this is the only site where you can read accurate, up-to-date news about Nicholas! Much of the news comes directly from Nicholas and his representatives.

Q: How did this site become official?
A: On February 14, 1997, I started the Nicholas Brendon Aficionados, a fan club devoted to Nicholas. In April 2000, I was contacted because Nicholas liked the site. Eventually, I asked if I could create an official site for Nicholas, and was given permission.

Q: Do the VIPs visit the board often?
A: I don't know if they visit the board often, but I do know that they have very busy schedules, so they don't post very often.

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